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About Us


Katie and Reija are a couple of work-around-the-clock women who, somehow, found the time to grow three kooky kids – each! Between the six of them, they’ve seen it all: from World’s Fussiest Eater to the Colossal Bottomless Pit. They share a passion for health and nutrition, as well as building connections within the community.


After a decade of research and development, Katie Mathews is a certified ninja of covert vegetable operations. She’s mastered the art of the nourishing lunch, but her boundless imagination means she never stops experimenting with new flavours.


Reija Hurry (by name and by nature) honed her business management skills over a decade working in London’s financial sector. Ensuring a highly efficient, convenient service for parents is her top priority, while Katie makes sure that the true customers – the children – are completely satisfied.


about us



About the Packed Lunch Box


Picture this: It’s Thursday morning, the fruit and bread baskets are empty and the fridge was mysteriously cleaned out overnight. You’re rushing to get ready for work, but there’s the dreaded school run to survive first. Been there? We have. 


It’s a fact of life that most parents need to work in some form of paid employment – which means that mornings are beyond hectic. There’s barely enough time to slap a sandwich together, let alone volunteer in the school canteen. Suddenly it’s just so tempting to stockpile those processed pantry-fillers.


But we’re all concerned about our children’s health. National obesity rates are climbing and tighter government monitoring mean that school lunches are under more scrutiny than ever. Meanwhile, the canteens are closing due to lack of support!


We all envy that one school mum who just has the whole thing nailed. Her kids’ lunchbox is packed with a veritable rainbow of homemade goodness. Katie Mathews is THAT mum. As Reija recalls, “The first time my daughter went for an afternoon playdate at Katie’s house, she came home raving about kale. I couldn’t help feeling embarrassed about the sugary date loaf I’d picked up from the supermarket. But I soon realised I could bring my own talents to the table instead. As a Business Analyst, I’m ALL about finding the smartest way to get things done. Why are we all fighting the same battle every single morning? I vowed to bring Katie’s amazing lunches to the hungry masses!”


…and so, the Packed Lunchbox was born.


“Our kitchen staff are supervised by accredited “Food Safety Supervisors”  and we adhere to all the rules and regulations regarding governing safe food preparation under the guidelines of the Town of Bassendean, the WA Food Act 2008 (State) and FSANZ Food Standards Code (Federal).


ABN: 68621339731



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